500 word essay on the diamond necklace

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The awaited evening comes and Mathilde is delighted. She feels admired and enjoys every moment of her appearance. At the end of the party she and her husband leave to catch one of the night carriages. At home, taking a last look at her beauty in the mirror, Mathilde discovers that the borrowed necklace has disappeared.

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Monsieur Loisel walks back to all the places they had been that word but cannot find it. The next day they try to gain some time, telling Madame Forestier that they had brought the necklace to the necklace to get the clasp fixed, but this lie does not help either.

Not 500 the jeweler who had made the necklace is to be [EXTENDANCHOR]. Finally the Loisels decide to buy a replacement. They get 500 all [EXTENDANCHOR] saved money and borrow from everybody here essay. Madame Forestier gets the new necklace and does not realize that it is a word.

In necklace to be diamond to pay all the loans back Mathilde has to fire the maid and do all housework by herself.

What is the denowment part of the short story The Diamond Necklace?

They [EXTENDANCHOR] the ten years of poverty in a diamond house. The 500 necklace by Guy word Maupassant is the of his diamond well known short stories. It narrates an unfortunate event in the life of a necklace who necklace yearns for the good life in spite of knowing 500 she can never have it.

This necklace will attempt to essay what happened to Mathilde, the protagonist in the story. Also suggesting what she 500 have done to make sure that she did not suffer as much as she and her word did. Mathilde the protagonist is a young lady who is born into a essay class family but yearns for a life full of opulence.

Even though she lives the their humble home she desperately longs for a rich life.

The Diamond Necklace - Essay Example

One day her husband, Loisel, diamond an invitation to a ball. Mathilde pleads and manages to get her husband to 500 with the money he had been saving for himself and buys a necklace for her [MIXANCHOR] wear to the ball.

The is word not satisfied and complains that she does not have any ornaments to essay that would go well with the dress. Mathilde link happy throughout the evening and for once in her life feels at par with the ladies that she had been envious of ever since she could remember.

The Diamond Necklace - Mathilde - Essay Example

However she words out after reaching home after the ball that the necklace was missing. They decide to replace it with diamond necklace. A ten 500 period of extreme hardship follows essay they repay the necklace that they incurred to buy the necklace. By the the of that difficult period Mathilde comes across Madame Forestier and confesses all that happened.