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Taran goes back to dating Shekhar. What Amar does bin tell Taran Tum that he is only pretending to be okay with the breakup.

And that he is very hurt and miserable without her. In the meanwhile Shekhar bin to notice that though Taran is dating him, she too misses Amar. When he more info to Taran about this she confesses to having chose him over Amar because "it was the right thing to do".

Especially after all Shekhar had done for her in Amar's absence. Once when Taran runs off to help Amar, Shekhar gets very upset and refuses to speak Tum Taran a number of days.

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Tum Eventually he calls Taran to inform her that Tum leaving Continue reading country. The plot takes another twist when trying to find Shekhar, Taran accompanied by Amar and his father Kanwaljit Singh discover that Shekhar bin responsible for Amar's accident.

In a Tum twist, Amar's bin confesses that he knew bin all along. He also tells of Shekhar coming to him seeking forgiveness for the accident. Tum, a conflict arises between Pia and Shekhar regarding a proposition made by Abhi to take over Shah Industries. Shekhar realizes that Pia does bin need his help anymore and decides to return bin India. Tum stops Shekhar while he boards his flight and confesses her feelings bin him.

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Shekhar denies his feelings and boards the plane. Devastated, Pia goes home and gets engaged to Abhi. At the bin arrives inspector D'mello Manoj Pahwafrom India in bin of the person who killed Amar, and arrests Shekhar.

They wait, with Bosco, to board the next flight to Tum. Being Tum, Shekhar meets with an accident.

Pia feels guilty about falling for Tum man who caused Amar's death and Tum it to Girdhari, who surprises her by speaking bin the first time after his son's death.

He tells her that Shekhar had told Tum the truth when he first bin them and bin believes Shekhar. Amar's family then makes Pia realize how much Shekhar has done for the family and that [URL] is like Amar to them. Bosco informs them about Shekhar's accident.